Valentine Love In a Jar with *FREE* Printable Labels

mason jar craft


Need a last minute Fun and Frugal Valentine Gift?

Valentine’s Day is so hard for me because there is only so many balloons and boxes of candy you can give and receive.

Since I am a canner, I always have an endless supply of Mason Jars on hand so I thought it would be fun to do a gift in a jar.

mason jar 1

I still wanted to incorporate candy of some sort into the gift so I decided on S’more’s in a jar.

It’s a fun, easy  and frugal gift idea.  Since I wanted it to be a Valentine Theme I decided to use heart shaped marshmellos and Valentine wrapped candy.

Of course I couldn’t just use regular graham crackers, I had to use chocolate graham crackers to go with the strawberry marshmellos and chocolate bars!

mason jar 2

I created Valentine Tags for labels and Voila, a perfect Valentine Gift that fits everyone!

Click the download link below for my *FREE* Valentine Tags.

S’More Valentine Printable Tags

mason jar4

Enjoy and Happy Valentine’s Day!


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