Life with Lola

We all have our past stories.  Those moments in time, that we didn’t realize would define our future stories.  It’s funny really how each person, place, event or even animals play a role in the outcome of our life. If only one small detail would have happened in another way, how our lives would have turned out so differently.


This week I was honored to share my personal story, “Life with Lola”, as a guest contributor at SunflowersandCoffee.  Opening up and bearing our soul isn’t always the easiest to do, but I have found that telling my stories seems more feasible when I feel like I am sharing my life with a friend over a good cup of coffee.

“Life with Lola” is a story of overcoming life’s most terrible storms and darkest moments, with the love and healing from a little ball of fur.  Please stop by SunflowersandCoffee and read my story of inspiration and love from even the least expected places.


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