Saving my Sanity this New Year with “Our Family Budget Planner” from Godly Glimpses!











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One more holiday season has come and gone.  I’m not for sure if that makes me happy or sad!  I think it’s more of a bittersweet feeling.  I love the reason of the season, but I dislike the commercial aspect and the busyness that comes along with it.  Somewhere along the way I find myself asking, “How many Ugly Christmas Sweater Parties am I going to be invited to?”, and “How many Dirty Santa Gift Exchange am I going to play?”.   But just like every other human being, I too find myself caught up in buying and non-stop going from one holiday event to the next.

I always make a goal for the New Year to slow down, stress less and budget our finances better than the previous year.  I do really well on the slowing down part, well at least for the first part of the year, but no matter how hard I try, I can’t seem to get our family budget managed.  I really would like my hubby to be involved and help, but he can’t seem to follow all my nonsense I have scribbled everywhere, or when I say, wait to pay _______, because I forgot about so and so’s birthday that I need to purchase a gift for and then it throws our budget all off, I start stressing, he starts stressing and we are back to following no budget at all.

So when I was contacted by Jennifer from Godly Glimpses to try out her new “Family Budget Planner“, that she created, I was so excited! I was impressed how well it was laid out and broken down, that I knew even my hubby could follow it.


What is “Our Family Budget Planner” from Godly Glimpses, you ask?

Well I am so glad you did.

“Our Family Budget Planner”, is a downloadable yearly planner to organize not just your budget but your life.

Jennifer states that the “Our Family Budget Planner”, is a colorful, easy to use, planner with 40 pages to help you get organized!  It is undated, which means you will never have to purchase another planner. You can use it from year to year!”

Some of the pages you will find in this planner include:
Full color cover sheet and divider pages for each section (with an optional cover page)
Spine labels for a 3 ring binder
Bill Payment Checklist and Schedule
Printable monthly calendar pages (you can use this however you wish, but I like to use them to write in when each bill is due each month or for birthday reminders, etc)
Monthly Pages that will hold your bills for each month (just slide in a page protector and insert your bills in the month they are due)
Gifts to buy
Giving Plan
Important Documents (tax information and important receipts)
……and more!

There will be no more forgetting about the birthday gift to budget for, or that bill coming up in a few months, or even usernames and passwords. Yes, there is a section for those as well!

Geez, sometimes I think if my hubby ask for the password to one of our online accounts, just one more time, I will need to pray for a lot of extra patience!


I also love all the categories so you can truly divide your budget accordingly.


Such as Bill Schedule and Calendars.  I think this is one of our biggest issues.  I know when bills are due and should be paid, but my hubby don’t have the foggest (That’s Arkansas slang by the way) clue.  And if if I have to constantly remind him every month, I might as well just pay them myself, which is what usually happens!


And I love the calenders that are included so we can schedule bills for several months in advance and write in paydays.


But  I would have to say that the Budget at a Glance is my favorite.  Just this month I accidently scheduled to large bills for the same week because I didn’t have a planner system.  I believe that this Budget Planner will help that mistake not to happen again.


And come on ladies and busy moms, we all know where those receipts end up, either at the bottom of our purse or diaper bag!  Know you have a place just for them.


You can click here to purchase your own Family Budget Planner for $3.99.


Order by January 31st and use coupon code: $2OFFG&G for $2.00 which makes your total of $1.99!!!!!

What a great way to start the New Year Right!

And you can visit Jennifer here to learn more about her other great planners!



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