Holidays with Time4Learning

As a member of Time4Learning, I have been given the opportunity to review their program and share my experiences. While I was compensated, this review was not written or edited by Time4Learning and my opinion is entirely my own. For more information, check out their standards-based curriculum or learn how to write your own curriculum review. This material for this review was provided by Time4Learning.  All opinions are 100% my own. For my full disclosure policy, read here.

One reason I love homeschooling so much, is for the flexibility that we have.

I love to be able to take trips and go to fun educational sites and activities during times when it is less busy and crowded. My husby has been with the company he works for, for 21 years. And because of that amount of time, he has several weeks of vacation he can take each year, which makes it perfect for us to schedule around busy times like Spring Break and Summer Break.

I don’t know about where you live, but here in Arkansas, summers are hot, hot and humid! I’m not talking about a little heat! I’m talking about your house can’t stay cool even with the AC running full blast, and if you walk outside, you automatically look like you just hosed yourself off because you are so wet with sweat! So summers are not a very good time for vacations and trips for us.

I had decided because of all those reasons, it would be better for us to year round homeschool. That way we can have breaks during times when places are less crowded, and when it’s not so hot outside and miserable.  We school 6 weeks on, 3 weeks off.  We continue this year round except we take 6 weeks off during the summer for church camp, 4th of July and a little free time with friends.

I know I have talked about our great online program before, but Time4Learning is truly a wonderful curriculum for our schedule.   (If you missed my last post about Time4Learning, you can catch up here.)  Time4Learning, offers a “dormant account” option which allows families to take a break from the program and return where they left off, with all records kept intact.  The dormant period will begin and end on the dates you specify.  I can set my children’s accounts as dormant and when we return over our 3 weeks off, the account picks up directly where we left off and we don’t loss those weeks of curriculum that we have paid for.  It is a perfect solution for our year round schooling.


Time4Learning is a very organized and self sufficient program that meets all of our needs.  If your family is ready for a curriculum change,  I suggest looking into all that Time4Learning offers.

What is your homeschooling year look like?



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