Manic Monday “Countdown to Christmas” Week 7 Le-Vel Review and Giveaway

This post is sponsored by Le-Vel Consultant Deidre Hefley.  My opinions are 100% my own. You can view my full Disclosure Policy here.  Click on any Level picture to learn more about Deidre and the Company.

Manic Monday Giveaway Picture

Here we are at Week 6 of “Manic Monday” Holiday Spree Giveaway!

2 more weeks left til Cyber Monday Giveaway, which is very exciting, but that also means we only have 5 more Monday’s til Christmas!

I wanted to make it super easy for my readers to find some great products for gifts without having to spend a day fighting crowds at the mall.  Read more here . And don’t forget about the Amazing Holiday Giveaway of each of the amazing products I will be featuring, totaling a value of over $200.


For the 6th week of Manic Monday, I reviewed the company Color by Amber.

Color By Amber features beautiful eco-friendly jewelry made with 40% recycled material by women artisan communities around the world.  Make sure if you haven’t already, check them out!

For Week 6 of “Manic Monday Holiday Spree”, I am featuring the company “Le-Vel“.

level logo


Premium Level: Premium Lifestyle

Le-Vel was created and envisioned with a greater purpose, a premium plan. This plan is not to create a product, or a product line, but to build a global brand, a new icon. A brand that encompasses ultra premium products: premium product lines. The new brand, for the better lifestyle, premium-seeking consumers.

The largest and most successful companies in the world are extremely good at one thing. They build brands, not products. They are so good at this one focus, they can literally put their logo on anything and it is passionately accepted worldwide. As the Le-Vel vision is birthed with THRIVE, it will continue on with all of Le-Vel brands and future premium products. Le-Vel will be a global giant; the logo will be on many different products, wherever you go, Le-Vel logo will go with you. The quality, passion and efficacy with one product line, will flawlessly continue on to all product lines, because the true focus, the passion will always remain at its inception, The Brand: Le-Vel.

To build the Premium Lifestyle Company, Le-Vel knew they had to look further than just a product, but had to envision a larger purpose, a deeper reason for what they were doing. Le-Vel had to create the one and only Premium Lifestyle Brand.

I had the privilege of reviewing Le-Vel’s “Thrive”.


The THRIVE Experience is an 8 week premium lifestyle plan, to help individuals experience and reach peak physical and mental levels. You’re going to live, look, and feel Ultra Premium like never before! Results from the THRIVE Experience are high impact, and can slightly differ for everyone – depending on which areas of your lifestyle need the most help – and depending on your 8 week goal.


Whether your goal is to lose weight, get in the best shape of your life, or simply be the best you can be, we know the THRIVE 8 Week Experience will get you THRIVIN’ in all areas of your life!



Individuals on the Experience will enjoy premium support and benefits in the areas of:

> Weight Management

> Cognitive Performance

> Digestive & Immune Support

> Joint Support

> Lean Muscle Support

> Inflammation Support

> Anti-Aging & Antioxidant Support

Now I don’t know about you, but I fit into several of those topics.  I realized that instead of taking medicine for my immune system (which is poor), to weight loss supplements and not to mention pills  for inflammation, I could be taking Thrive and have it all taken care of.  Not only does it helps with aches and pains, but gives you energy to live again.

Click here to watch many more great raves about “Thrive”.


If you are using the “Thrive” Patch:

• Make sure that you apply the Thrive DFT Patch to a clean dry area of skin, you do not want anything getting in between the patch and your skin so that the patch will adhere properly.

• It is important that you only apply the DFT patch to your bicep (either inside or outside), on your shoulder, or on the top of your buttocks.

Men can apply it to their chest.

If you apply the patch anywhere else, you will not be getting maximum delivery and will lose some of the benefits of the product.


Thrive DFT Instructions:

• Each day, rotate where you are putting the patch, for example you should put it on your right bicep today, left bicep tomorrow, the next day on the top of your buttocks , ect.

• Ensure that you leave the DFT patch on for the full 24 hours, you can have it on in the shower as well as while you are sleeping. Do not worry about the patch affecting your sleep as the patch is caffeine free, actually you should see improved sleep patterns after using the patch for several days.

• Stay hydrated, drink plenty of water to flush toxins out of your system so they do not interfere with the effects of the DFT patch.

• Exercise each day, there is not set limit but try for at least 20-30 minutes of physical activity a day to get your heart rate up and burn off excess calories.

• Be consistent with wearing the DFT patch, as with most things, it takes time to build up in your system.

The main goal of the patch is to elevate your metabolism and turn your body into a fat burning machine.

You should give the patch at least 2 weeks to stabilize and elevate your metabolism rate, but it cannot work if you are not wearing it.

• Thrive DFT is a great stand-alone product but it was designed to work in conjunction with the Thrive capsules and the Thrive Premium Drink Mix.



The consultant I am highlighting this week is Deidre Hefley.


Deidre is a new mother of a soon-to-be 6 month old and has been married to my husband for almost a year and a half.

In July, Deidre  started her Thrive Experience.

She was so excited about the company and becoming a promoter that she skipped the customer part all together.
As soon as her products arrived, Deidre couldn’t wait to start them the next day.

Deidre wanted to share her own testimonial for this review.

Here is what she experienced her first week on Thrive.

Day 1- Well, I feel like I have more energy but it’s probably all in my head
Day 3- Hmmm, I didn’t take a nap with my daughter today.
Day 5- Wow! The house is clean and laundry is DONE!
Day 7- I have to tell everybody about this amazing product!!


Now that you have heard all about Le-Vel, are you ready to learn how to become a promotor?

With LV Rewards, consultants earn 20% on all customer sales, and that is just the first of many! Click here to read all about the many rewards and incentives available!

Now if those benefits don;t sound amazing, I don’t know what does!

If you are ready to take that next step to sign up as a Le-Vel Promotor, click the picture below!



Le-Vel would be the  PERFECT Christmas gift for yourself to start the new year off .

Don’t forget to click the link below to have a chance to win the Manic Monday Holiday Spree Giveaway!

Giveaway begins 10/06/14 @ 6pm and ends 12/01/14 @ 6pm. One entrant/email per household. One winner will be chosen randomly from Giveaway Tools . Void where prohibited. The winner has 72 hours to respond to the congratulatory email. If the winner does not respond, Giveaway will be voided. If you have any questions, please email Miranda at graceandgravywithasideoflife (at) gmail (dot) com.


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