Homemade “Wholly” Guacamole


I was never one to really like avocados. It was just a taste I couldn’t get used too. And well, forget about guacamole. It seriously wasn’t a taste I enjoyed.

One day I was at a restaurant and I ordered a sandwich and without me knowing it came with avocados.

Well wouldn’t you know I actually enjoyed them. Well, okay if you must know, I fell in love with them. (:

But I still hated guacamole.

Two years ago I was on a mission trip to Guatemala. And do you know how hard it is for a crunchy vegetarian girl like me to find stuff to eat on mission trips? Seriously it’s not so easy!

One night the widows, that cooked our meals in our host home, made fresh homemade guacamole for a snack. Well this Arkansas girl was hungry to say the least, so I gave in and tried it!

And all I could say was Yum-O!

I came home after that trip and tried to recreate their version. Now while I might not be able to make it exactly like they did in Guatemala, I must say I really do think it’s pretty close.

Here is what you need;
2-3 avocados
1 can diced chilis such as rotel (drained)
1 teaspoon minced garlic
1/4 teaspoon kosher salt
1/2 teaspoon lime juice
A couple leafs of cilantro

Here is what you do:

1) Scoop your avocado in bowl in mash (I use my potato masher, fork works also)
2) Add your drained can of chilis (1/2 can works great)
3) Add your minced garlic, lime juice, salt and finely chopped cilantro
4) Slightly mix together (I like mine chunky)
5) Serve with your favorite chips

Such a quick snack or side for Mexican Night. Also great on sandwiches and burgers!

Hope you enjoy as much as I have!


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