Whats Cookin with GraceandGravy:Meal Planning Week #2

What's Cookin
 WELCOME Back Y’all  to “What’s Cookin with GraceandGravy: Meal Plans” Week #2!
I hope everyone enjoyed some of the meals from last week.  I know some of my families favorites this week were the Chicken n Dumplins and the Mexican Chicken served with Mashed Potatoes. Yum!  In fact when I make Mexican Chicken I always make a large casserole dish because it is so well loved.  I invited over a friend and her two boys to share with us because I know its one of her favorites as well.
If this is your first time here, every Sunday I will share my families Meal Plan for the week to help everyone stay organized and have some ideas on what meals to fix.  No one likes coming home after work or being gone running errands all day, to realize you have no meat thawed for dinner, or you forgot to pick up noodles for your casserole.
So come aboard and share your meal planning for the week as well.
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 Meal Plan week 2
 This week I wanted to keep it simple.  This week I still have a lot of canning to do, a new Bible Study starting on Monday and lots of yard clean up from a storm last week.  I knew it was best to have easy meals with at least one good, hearty meal to last a few days.
I had intended to make toasted subs tonight, until we decided to have dinner with our pastors, which I cooked.  They hosted at their house, but I brought the food.  They are not only our pastors, but great, close friends.  Our families have been so busy with vacations and church events lately that we haven’t had much down time just to relax and visit with one another.
I decided to bring my Homemade Chicken Alfredo because I know its a family favorite and my easy Strawberry Summertime Pie.
After dinner the kiddos walked next door to swim and then everyone came back for pie.
It was a great night, and a great first night of Meal Plans Week 2!
Would love to hear your meal plans for the week.   And I hope you enjoy a few of my meals!

6 thoughts on “Whats Cookin with GraceandGravy:Meal Planning Week #2

  1. Ok, I appreciate the meal planning, and I really am going to try that…one of these weeks. So much easier than running to the store every day. (And probably less expensive too.) But, I am really interested to know what you are doing for Bible study. Also, thank you for loving on your pastors’ families! Joy!

    • Thanks for stopping by Heather! My church has connect groups but we take breaks during the summer so I am joining a friend and her ladies group for Beth Moore’s “Breaking Free” Bible Study. I love all of her studies so I am so very excited.

      And sometimes it’s just the small blessings that mean the most (:

  2. I make my menu for the month, then choose the day before so I can get the meat laid out or prepped for the next night. We have our own beef we raise and butcher so we always have that in the freezer but I make a variety of things for the month. Soon I will be home full time so this might change. We grill alot as well. I stocked up on chicken, and pork recently so when I am home full time I will be looking for new recipes to try! I like your sharing and your blog is very pretty! 🙂

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