Summer Dates on a Budget: Movie Night

Movie Night1

It’s extremely quiet at my house.

Now, I love quietness.  I love being able to hear myself think, answer the phone without yelling for kiddo’s to be quiet, read anytime during the day without the tv blaring in the background, but I also love to hear the sound of my kiddo’s at home.

The kids have been gone since Monday to Church Camp.  They are having a blast and I am so excited for them to get home and tell me about all the “God Moments”, that they encountered throughout the week.  And then tomorrow, I will be wishing for 5 minutes of quietness again (:

We have a saying around our house, “While the kids are away, the parents will play”!  After starting the Date Nights with husby awhile back, we have really learned a lot about each other that maybe we never knew, or forgot over the years, so we decided to take advantage of the time we had alone all week and have Date Nights as much as possible.

Monday’s are very tiring for us.  After a long weekend of William finishing out this week of work, and three church services between Saturday and Sunday, we are always ready to relax on Mondays.  We decided to have a relaxing  “Movie Night”, at home.

We love going to the movies, but with ticket prices of $8 a person and then the cost of popcorn and soda, we can’t ever get away with spending less than $25 at the bare minimum.  And I don’t know what it is about movie theaters, but something always puts William to sleep everytime we go!

We made a trip into town to the local store  for snacks.  I had to remind William to stay on budget after he found a new candy that he had been eyeing.  We picked up a Popcorn Bowl for $1 (plenty for the 2 of us), a soda that was on sale for $1, a $1 pack of hershey bars (for husby), peanut clusters (for me) that was only $1, and a can of peanuts that was on sale for $1.

movie night2

Then we stopped at the Redbox for movies.

Do you have Redbox where you live?  If not Netflix is great for movie nights and with being only $8 a month, its so worth having (:

I love this little machine.  I can always find a new movie, or an old favorite to rent.  Redbox movies are $1.30 a piece.  With us being so forgetful about returning movies, thats a life saver price.  They actually had a special, rent one, get one for 50% off, so we ended up with 2 movies for $1.95!!  Can’t beat that!

We decided on Labor Day (was ok, but not what I was expecting), and Life After 40 (oh my, we laughed the entire time, but please be aware of the language)!!

Our total for snacks was $5 and our movies were $1.95 for a total of $6.95!  YAY!  Bonus was that we got to sit on our couch in our lounge clothes with a blanket and snuggle!!!!

Remember, having a date night doesn’t mean you have to get all dressed up and go to a fancy restaurant and pay a fortune for a meal you don’t really like.  It’s all about having fun together and taking turns doing the activities you each enjoy.

Movie Night’s work best when the kiddo’s are away for the night, but if you have small kids, put them to bed early for a night and have a couple hours just the two of you.

Have fun together, laugh, joke, cuddle!


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