Yes, I am a Dreamer


Photo Courtesy of Google Images

I admit, I am a Dreamer.  I always have been.  I had such an imagination as a child that stemmed a need in me as an adult to always dream of things that could be.  And because of those dreams, some became a reality.  I have a need deep inside of me to always do more, to always be more, to always make some kind of impact with whatever I do.

Because of those dreams, I have adopted a child who needed a loving family, had the opportunity to do mission work in Guatemala, take a risk and dive into full-time ministry, homeschool my kids when they world was screaming, “that is socially unacceptable”, and simply love being me, this quirky, free-spirited girl who never felt the need to please or explain myself.

But, back to reality.  Life plainly sucks at times.  People are cruel.  They love to crush your dreams to make themselves feel better, and really, people want you to please them and explain yourself until you are doubting who you are.

My husby is the complete opposite of a dreamer.  He is content working the same job until he retires, he is content living in the same town (and would be the same house if I hadn’t won that one), until he dies, and he is content with the same schedule day in and day out.  I would never say my husby is a dream crusher, but he certainly can put a wrinkle in my plans.

I love children.  I love working with children and families whether it be in ministry, scouting, therapeutic work and other areas.  I have had this dream for awhile about opening a Family/Kid Camp and Retreat.  Maybe its the 4 years I spent as a Girl Scout and the 8 years I spent as a Girl Scout Leader coming out of me, I don’t really know, but I have this aching to open this retreat for families and kids as a way to get away from the demands of the world and have a few days of renewing and refreshing of the soul.

I see a large inside area for speakers, church services, and organized games/ activities, a eating area (cafeteria style), a snack stand for those late night munchies, a sit around firepit for smore’s, and a schedule of fun games and activities according to the needs of the group.

To give my husby credit, we did go look at a property that would work great for this, but we really didn’t like the area.  I think he was just trying to let me see where the idea of this dream was heading.  So I put that dream aside for a while until lately.  I can’t seem to get it out of my head.  I know I have the skills and talents to make it work.  Between being a teacher, to a Children’s Coordinator for a multi-campus church that centered around working with the families not just the kids who came to church, to being a Scout for 12 years, I have those organizational skills down pat. But how do I make my dream a reality?  How do I approach my husby about my dream without him thinking I’m being an unrational dreamer?  These are the questions that surface in my head.

My husby’s dream is to buy the property waiting for us, 15 miles out of town, close to his parents and that be our forever place to dwell.  Well, that makes my skin crawl.  I’m not saying I don’t want to move there, I’m just saying that this plan for us is his dream and he hasn’t given any consideration to my dreams.


The other day my daughter and I were out driving the backroads when we went through a town called “Booger Holler”.  Yes you heard me right!  There isn’t much happening in this town besides having an awesome camping area, a creek for fishing, kayaking and swimming, and a outdoor store to buy food and supplies as well as to rent kayaks and canoes.  That was until I saw the most perfect property!  My daughter didn’t know what was going on, but I had to turn around to take some pictures.

One slight problem though, is that this property is not for sale.  Actually it is being used a church right now.  But it would be perfect for a Family Camp.  I can imagine having bicycles for riding, and fishing gear for fishing and kayaks for those adventurous families.  I see the large area for inside activities and eating facility, and get this, there was already a Snack Shack!!!!  It has 7 cabins and other than a little clean up, paint and reorganizing the main building, I can’t imagine it needing anything else.


Here is the Main Building currently being used as a Church
photo owned by graceandgravy


Building with 4 cabins
photo owned by graceandgravy

Look at that Flag Pole in the picture above!  Just waiting to have a Family Camp Flag flying in the wind!



Building with 3 Cabins
photo owned by graceandgravy

I just love the mountains behind the cabins.  So peaceful, so surreal!

I sit here typing and I can just envision what it would look like, what it would be like. An what better name than to get the town spirit with “Booger Holler Family Camp and Retreat”.

For now it is just a dream, but maybe one day….


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