Green Acres is the place to be……

green acres 1

View from our Front Porch. Photo owned by GraceandGravy


After a very long search, my husby and I found a house and property in the country about 6 months ago.  I was beginning to give up hope on finding anything, but I kept my faith and let God lead our family.

We were so excited but there was one stipulation………We had to sell our house first. So we  contacted our realtor and she listed our house right away.  We had really hoped for a quick sale, but apparently God had other plans.

One thing is in our favor.  The  house we are buying is actually owned by a friend of my husby. She has been so gracious and waiting on us, but I’m not sure she anticipated the wait to be this long.  She has let a renter come in til we sell our house, which makes me feel better about keeping her waiting.

Yesterday marked the 6 months that our house has been on the market.  Of course in our defense we listed our house appx 5 weeks before Thanksgiving.  In all reality if a house don’t sell 2 weeks prior to the holiday, it normally will not sell til Spring.  Now that Spring has Sprung, the grass is green, the leaves are on the trees and the flowers are blooming, we are praying that God will allow this season to be the one to end this chapter of our lives and begin the next one.

I am trying really hard not to give up hope, and to keep my faith and know that there is a reason that God to delaying this to happen.  But when I look at the pictures I just think, “How could I not be in a hurry for this.”

I am so ready to start my Homesteading Life and get my 2 gardens planted.  Yes, I said 2! this property has 2 huge gardens ready to till.  We are also ready to build our chicken coop and start having fresh eggs.

I even found the style of coop we are wanting to build and now comes the hard part of picking the chickens.



Photos courtesy of Pinterest

But the part I am waiting on the most is getting to sit on my front porch and watch the sunrise and the sunset!

green acres 2

Ready to watch the sunrises and sunsets! Photo owned by GraceandGravy

How could you not want to hurry up for this!

Blessings from soon to be our Green Acres!


2 thoughts on “Green Acres is the place to be……

  1. We’re in the middle of a real estate adventure ourselves, so I understand! I hope you find a buyer for your home soon and are able to start life in your ideal spot. It’s tough waiting — very tough — but it’ll all be worth it!

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