Retro phones, Cheesy Fries with Ranch and Swinging Bridges

Do you ever need just a little time away? Away from schedules? And demands? Or just the busyness of everyday life?

I am a huge advocate for time away.

I feel more blessed with a clear head. It’s a time to renew and refresh my soul, whether it’s a lengthy trip or just a few hours of time alone.

Here lately my mind seems bogged down with life stressers, and just trying to have time to work on me.

So last Sunday after church, I asked my husby if we could take a little drive and have just a few hours of family time.

We instantly decided to drive up the mountain from where we live to a very small country/mountain town, Oark.

I can tell you this much, there is not much in Oark at all but it’s a place where lots of people stop while out on road trips.

One of my favorite things about Oark is there General Store. This place has been there since 1890. And even though it’s no longer a General Store, it is actually the best country restaurant with the best pie you will find.


What’s really neat is that even though this historic place has had several owners along the way, it is still the glue that holds this town together.
Currently the owners are a young couple who moved from Washington DC, working in politics to a rural area in Arkansas to live a simpler life! (Sigh). Love it!



After a mouth-watering meal of Cheesy Fries, smothered in ranch, and a quick pic of an awesome retro phone, we ventured on to the Swinging Bridge.

The bridge was so timeless, so rejuvenating, just in it’s surroundings of beauty, with the water and the rocks. And even though I’m slightly afraid of heights and swinging bridges, I was most definitely not missing my chance to experience it.







I wanted lots of pictures to remember this moment of stillness and simplicity. A moment to clear my head, to stop the constant needs always in my mind, to just remember to stop and breath.

Our day was sweet. It was slow. It was peaceful. I knew our life of busyness would start again the next day, but just for those few short hours I experienced a life that don’t exist anymore. A life we have all forgot about trying to race to the next big thing in life. A little bittersweet to me.

So >


But at least I know that a small General Store, a plate of cheesy fries with ranch, a retro phone and swinging bridge is food to my soul, then I know that I’m still me. I’m still the country girl who longs for simpler times to enjoy life and love family.




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